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Gender differences in journal submissions/acceptances


128 day(s) ago

I was very impressed with these new data about gender differences in submissions and acceptances at journals:

Definitely worth taking a look.


128 day(s) ago

quick summary?


128 day(s) ago

Weird things I noticed that have nothing to do with women and journals.

1) It seems to be harder to get into "Philosophical Quarterly" (3.3%!) than into "Mind" (5%)

2) The Canadian Journal of Philosophy has a bizarrely high acceptance rate for a generalist journal (I say bizarre because I think specialist journals, especially Ancient ones like Ancient Philosophy and OSAP seem to have high acceptance rates, the submissions are too low and I think Ancient philosophy is very self selecting,) like 16.6%



128 day(s) ago

I was very impressed with these new data about gender differences in submissions and acceptances at journals:

Definitely worth taking a look.


Bottom line: editors choose whom to publish. and they favour women.

Take home point: only submit to triple-blind journal (i"m a man, despite the psudonym)


127 day(s) ago

Some highlights from this new data set:

- Across a broad range of journals, the acceptance rate is actually *higher* for women.

- The comparatively lower rate of publication for women is not due to a lower acceptance rate but rather to a lower number of submissions.

- Although the acceptance rate is higher for women overall, there is no gender difference in the acceptance rate at journals that use strict blind review.


126 day(s) ago

Women can be good logical geographers but they don't discover new places very often.


126 day(s) ago

This is not surprising, but it is depressing.


123 day(s) ago

This is not the right time to get depressed. We need to get organized.


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