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277 day(s) ago

"We share a concern about a growing problem: the loss or lack of “viewpoint diversity.” When nearly everyone in a field shares the same political orientation, certain ideas become orthodoxy, dissent is discouraged, and errors can go unchallenged."


277 day(s) ago

Plenty of philosophers in the membership.

Pedro Amaral, CSU Fresno

Michael Austin, Eastern Kentucky

Francis Beckwith, Baylor

Macalester Bell, Bryn Mawr

Daniel Bonevac, UT Austin

Pierrick Bourrat, Macquarie (Australia)

David Bradshaw, U Kentucky

Andrei Buckareff, Marist College

Scott Burson, Indiana Wesleyan

A. J. Cohen, Georgia State

Paul Davies, College of William and Mary

Andreas De Block, Leuven (Belgium)

Dan Demetriou, UM Morr

Neil Feit, SUNY Fredonia

Owen Flanagan, Duke University

Lloyd Gerson, Toronto (Canada)

J. F. Hammer, John Abbott College

Stephen Hicks, Rockford University

R. Kevin Hill, Portland State

Robert Hollinger, Iowa State

Charles Hughes, Chapman University

Daniel Jacobson, U Michigan

William Knorpp, James Madison U

Robert Koons, UT Austin

Mark LeBar, Florida State

Terrance MacMullan, Eastern Washington

Sean McAleer, UW Eau Claire

James McGuirk, U of Nordland

David McPherson, Creighton U

P. L. Miller, Duquesne

Richard Miller, UNC School of Arts

Stephen Napier, Villanova

Anthony O'Hear, U of Buckingham

Andrew Pessin, Connecticut College

Philip Reed, Canisius College

Richard Richards, U Alabama

Jerry Samet, Brandeis

Nicholas Shackel, Cardiff (UK)

Eric Silverman, Christopher Newport U

Jason Slone, Georgia Southern

Darrin Snyder Belousek, Ohio Northern

John Tomasi, Brown

Justin Tosi, U Michigan

Jeffrey Turner, Bucknell

Stephen Turner, U South Florida

Rebecca Tuvel, Rhodes College

David Velleman, NYU

Richard Volkman, Southern Connecticut

Darryl Wright, Harvey Mudd

Matt Zwolinski, U San Diego

Not all philosophers are cowards!


277 day(s) ago

> Not all philosophers are cowards!

At least 50, anyway.


276 day(s) ago

I checked this list just a week ago. I only recall seeing about 10 or so. Interesting. . .. . There is a lot of good content on their site. . . .


276 day(s) ago

This is great to see. I hope anyone here with a TT or tenured job signs up.


276 day(s) ago

Mixed feelings about joining. On the one hand, I like the general idea that we need to preserve a safe space for challenging orthodoxy and supporting those brave enough to do so. On the other, this seems like the kind of group you'd want to monitor if you joined because it's hard to predict the direction it will go, how its message will be coopted, etc. Also, I'd strongly prefer not to belong to any group that would have the unctuous Francis Beckwith as a member. Some grudging respect for Bonevac and Koons, but Beckwith gives me the damn creeps.


276 day(s) ago

The group is very solid. It's been online for a long time. Have a look at Jonathan Haidt's Twitter feed if you want to get the right kind of impression.

Haidt is a long-standing liberal, and the group as a whole is not in any way extremist or reactionary.


274 day(s) ago

This is great to see. I hope anyone here with a TT or tenured job signs up.


If we're really going to be brave, how about people sign up regardless of proximity to tenure?

I'm a postgrad and am thinking about joining. Life is too short to be pissweak. And being pissweak will accomplish nothing of value.


274 day(s) ago

I'm going to, too, Hannah. And I'm not tenured, either.

It's time to stop the madness. If we can't do it soon, then there will be little left of the profession worth fighting for.


274 day(s) ago

Excellent to hear Jacobus.

Hemlock for all! ;)


263 day(s) ago

> Not all philosophers are cowards!

One doesn't have to be a coward to be sceptical about Haidt's operation.


263 day(s) ago

Well, I'm someone who may or may not be a member of Heterodox Academy [glances about nervously]. I tend to disagree with a fair amount of what Haidt says about moral belief, because I think it sometimes suggests a kind of Humeanism. I am mostly a centrist-leaning liberal...or a liberal-leaning centrist...something like that. And I'm even somewhat skeptical about the central idea of "viewpoint diversity", for some of the same reasons I'm skeptical about current academic views about racial etc. etc. etc. "diversity"--I don't want there to be any barriers to participation, but I think that "diversity" has been cultified, and the word is used like a mantra to cover up some ugly truths about shady and not-clearly-just micromanagement of demographics. Anyway...I think "viewpoint diversity" is smart rhetorically, but it's not *exactly* what I like about the organization.

So, yeah, I'm skeptical--but no more skeptical than I am about any other organization that I may or may not be associated with. If I had twenty organization to choose from when it comes to opposing the imposition of leftist rightthink on the academy, I might choose a different one...but I don't have such a choice. Also, I might *not*. I've been very impressed with HXA so far.

I'm not trying to argue against "healthy skepticism"--but I also think there's something to be said against vague, ominous-sounding allusions to unspecified reasons for skepticism, if you don't mind me saying so, Ari.


263 day(s) ago

Hey, I noticed Tuvel is now a member - good for her!


252 day(s) ago

It seems likely to me that there are self-reinforcing mechanisms at work. As the ratio of liberals to conservatives increased, a tipping-point was reached where conservatives were actively excluded from the social sciences, and as they have disappeared the more radical liberals are now outnumbering the moderates to the point where they too are being gradually excluded. In other words, it appears that social science is undergoing a purity spiral towards an increasingly radical left-wing ideology.


37 day(s) ago

This list of heterodoxual philosophers is impressive, i will be the firs tto concede it with my eyes and with my heart. But if you think about things for a hot minute in time, what if we made a list of everyone NOT heterodoxual? What would that list look like? Whose list would it be? And which forum would post it? I am not posing these questions because I am the answer man. I pose them merely because.

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