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if you can find a coherent argument here please help the rest of us out


10 day(s) ago philosopher-and-public-thinker-6829a0749d04

Schliesser has always had a diarrhea of the mouth (piehole) problem and an inability to make one (1) point (argument) at a time (Schliesser, 2016).


10 day(s) ago

I generally hate when people feel it's necessary to put everything in premise-conclusion form, but with Schliesser it *is* necessary. The guy just doesn't know how to express a thought (assuming he has one).


10 day(s) ago

Schliesser writes/talks for his own ego. He's a case where his personality defects (full of himself, constantly self-referential) get in the way of actual intellectual expression. He had some schema for different kinds of philosophy that he made up all by himself (philosophy as prophesy, etc., whatever) and applies it to stuff like people give a shit or it makes sense. In 10 years he will go full Time Cube.


9 day(s) ago

How'd he manage to convert his insanity into such a sequence of amazing jobs?


9 day(s) ago

He can't go two sentences without citing somebody, and everybody loves being cited (Reinhardt, 2018).


4 day(s) ago

Time Cube Schliesser is probably not going to happen.

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