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Moderation Requests


150 day(s) ago

Requests for moderation should be confined to this thread. If you would like a thread or post deleted, please provide (1) a link to the thread or post in question, and (2) a reason for deletion.


122 day(s) ago

Jet fuel can't melt steel beams troll post. Probably not worth deleting. Just pointing it out.


113 day(s) ago

I don't think we should have posts that do nothing but provide a forum for bullying someone in the profession. A person shouldn't be the topic of a thread.


113 day(s) ago

Probably not, unless they brought the public spotlight upon their own damn self. Is that the case here? I don't follow Itchy's blog, so I don't know. But Scratchy sure craves attention. And Itchy and The Bear seem game for photo opts. I wish they had an ambiguously fathered child too. It would be so much more touching. But enough. They are very private people. Just like that dude with the purple hair who likes to ride bikes. Leave them be. Privacy. Please yall.

I'm curious if we'd see a similar moderation request for, say, a thread on Brian Leiter.


112 day(s) ago

Spam thread:

And I second the shade thrown on posts that name philosophers without any substantive point. Not a good look for the site


112 day(s) ago

Spam threads:


112 day(s) ago

More spam! Make it stop!


111 day(s) ago

More spam


111 day(s) ago

Thanks for pointing out the spam -- we'll be periodically purging it.


109 day(s) ago

Folks seem pretty worked up about the Itchy thread.

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